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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ah-ha... a solution!

I never had an acrylic stamping block before. I really like those stamps they sell at craft stores. But I need a block for that...

As for some of you who knows me too well, I'M CHEAP....THRIFTY. I would do ANYTHING to save money. If I had a dime, I would rather spend it on my kids instead of myself (or my hobbies).

So I was browsing online for maybe, industrial kind that sells those cheap for construction or something like that...


DUHHHHHH!  Thanks to my hubby, he has an acrylic award from winning a 5 mile race. And will be perfect for stamping mounts. I hope he won't mind me "borrowing" it once in a while. :-) Thank you for winning it. Mwwah!

I just love it when I think outside the box, and find penny-less solutions like this.

Also a great gardening tip I've heard:
Instead of buying wood and nails to make raised beds for gardens, just find an old bookshelf, knock out the back (or not) and lay it on the ground, and fill up with dirt. The shelves can be dividers for your plants. Cool, eh?



Carolina Girl said...

Again...another great idea! TFS

Heidi said...

Cool. I've also heard that a cd case lid will work for stamping images also..the cd cases are also good for storing those acrylic stamps. Cute blog. TFS.

Shana Raisman said...

HI.I am looking for your fantastic Star Wars files. Also, if you have any Monsters Inc or Muppet ones I would love those too. I made a Kermit one myself so I would be happy to share once I learn you email address. Thanks in advance!