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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


About four weeks ago, I noticed my skin was getting very sensitive. I thought it was from winter, the dryness... But my skin didn't feel dry at all. Not one flake.  So, maybe I'm getting allergic to laundry soap? So I changed brands. Nope. That didn't work. 

Seems I get bad rash on my forearms, just after my little dog claws at me to pet him. I was hoping that I was NOT allergic to him!!!! That would break my heart!

Something doesn't seem right. Some days I would get a rash on the side of my stomach. Or right at back of my neck where the shirt collar is. Even after driving, I would get rash where the seatbelt was near my neck. 

They sometimes look like red welts. Yes, people ask me if I'm okay. (I am very pale, a true Washingtonian!) so my welts look really bad on a pale person. 

I was determined to find why I kept getting welts that itch. I started googling it up... "Rash, welts, reddish, bump, smooth..." And yikes, the pictures can become really graphic. Ewwwwww.
So I narrowed it down to "rash welts" and saw this word: "Dermatographism"

To test yourself to see if you have signs of  Dermatographism, you draw your arm lightly with a blunt point object (like a knitting needle) and if a "welt" shows up in 10 minutes, you have it. And the "welt" goes away in about an hour. No, it is not painful, just itchy. Here is the link to better information on it.

To treat it, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Antihistamines. So, I think I will get OTC ones and see if it will help. 

Here is my picture of it. I decided to draw a vine with leaves and show you guys. 

Side of stomach? Shirt tag on some shirts. Back of my neck? Another shirt tag. No wonder! I am now aware of my surrounding and hope to minimize the scratching. 

I feel another art project coming up soon....! What would you like to see on my arm? :-) 

At least I can leave reminders on my arm. "get milk! Appointment at 2:00..." :-)


Furry Bottoms said...

That looks like a white tattoo!!! My jaw dropped. I get these bumpy rashes on my upper arms which really annoy me, so I take Benadryl for them. It works most of the time. I have to try this test out. How hard did you press down with the knitting needle?!

teachdanz said...

I was having some serious skin allergies about a year ago and 2 things really helped me - I added an extra rinse cycle when washing my clothes (I have a front loader so they use less water to begin with) and yes, I already used fragrance free detergent for years. also, after my cat passed away, a LOT of my skin issues disappeared. good luck!! I was taking 2 zyrtec a day during this time and not seeing much relief.

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness - that is crazy how detailed that design showed up! I hope you are feeling better with it by now - especially since this weather I'm sure makes it more sensitive!

And drat... my reader had not been showing all your new posts for quite awhile...!

a ji o ji suno ji said...

Um, these look amazing!! I may be making them this weekend too! YUMO!
Bulldog Puppies

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have it to. I went to a specialist but they couldn't figure out what I'm allergic to. So I take anti-histamines everyday.

Jill said...

You might want to go see a rheumatologist to look into some autoimmune things... I had it on and off for a while and it turned out to be an initial sign of autoimmune disease for me. Prednisone is what I needed to get rid of that aspect. I'm on other meds now to control the autoimmune condition.

Sara Yates said...

This may sound crazy but try cutting out dairy out of your diet for a few weeks and consider trying Amazing Greens Superfood mixed with Apple juice once every day before you eat.

It may sound extreme, but I had the same issue:/ After researching, I found it was my diet. If you can even cut out meat for a couple of weeks....I know, I know, it seems impossible hahaha

I really hope that you find some method that works for you! I totally understand how annoying it is!

Best of luck, darling.