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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bunnies! 3D Bunnies! Easter!

Hi, I know..... Been too long since I last posted. Been pretty busy and my blog was on the back burner for quite a while.

Yesterday, my youngest daughter and I went to the library to return books and get more books. I wanted to get a book but nothing looked good. I didn't know what I was in the mood for. Then I came across this book:
"Kirigami Menagerie" by Hiroshi Hayakawa. It is about paper folding into animals. There are 38 animals to copy, cut and fold. I decided to do the rabbit one because, naturally, its close to Easter!
Inside says: "The written instructions, photographs, designs, patterns, and projects in this volume are intended for the personal use of the reader and may be reproduced for that purpose only. Any other use, especially commerical use, is forbidden under law without written permission of the copyright holder."
So, remember, PERSONAL USE ONLY. I don't think I am breaking any rules if I posted the SVG to this bunny pattern...? If you think I am, please let me know as soon as possible.

This SVG, you don't need any tape, glue or anything. Just fold and use your determination how you want it standing. I used tiny little piece of tape to the chest to get it to stand up.
Instructions: The long dashes means "mountain fold" the small dots means "valley fold".
And I recommend using mid-to-heavy cardstock.  I am not very good with embellishments but if you do make those, and add embellishments, I'd love to see it, and even post it here to inspire others!

Have fun! And have a great Easter!


Rachel said...

How fun and perfect for Easter! You are always so creative :)

Marg said...

What a cute file. Thank you.

Lisa B said...

Hello, I tried to email you but when I click on the link nothing happens. I am interested in some of the SVG's that you had on here. My girls would go bonkers and their 4th bday is coming up. I was wondering if you could email them to me directly. Can you please send me an email address to request it from. My email is our2angelsinheaven at comcast dot net
obvisouly take out the at and replace it with the symbol and the same for the dot. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm trying to email you to request some SVG files. Can you please email me so that I can reply? Thanks.

jamie said...

I would like to email you to discuss some SVG files. Please contact me at:

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for an adorable file. I made some turtles (candy) and put each in a plastic bag. Then I attached a pop
dot to the bag and put it inside the bunny. It made a great delivery system for the treats and everyone loved them.