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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Elmo Birthday Bag

Hi, we are going to a 2 year old birthday party this Saturday, and the mom told me her daughter is into Elmo. So, I whipped out my Cricut and SCAL and went right to work. Isn't this stinkin' cute?! I used puffy tape behind his pupils so they will 'pop' out. The Elmo peeking out of the bag is actually a card. I love to be able to dress up a boring old gift bag. I just wanted to share! :-) What's inside? I found Elmo Bathtub color tablets, Elmo bubble bath, and Crayola Bath Crayons. Make bathtime fun!


Susan G. said...

I am trying to find your email adress but dont have microsoft outlook on my computer so it doesn't show it to me!! will you please email me at susangedge at gmail dot com? I'm obviously not very tech savy!!Thank you!

Soraya said...

how cute!

kristy said...

can you please email me? i'm looking for your email address.

i am looking for the darth vadar full length body if you still have it!!! would love to have it.