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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkins and Little Buggers

It has been an interesting month... We went to a pumpkin patch three weeks ago, and got two pumpkins. Two weeks ago, we carved it out, the first one is Ghoulia Yelps, a character from Monster High. My 8 year old loves Monster High anything!

My husband carved this one out, it was really challenging, and I think it looked good!

Then my youngest wanted "My Little Pony" on hers. I was quite taken back because she usually asks for Hello Kitty. Something new, I guess! So I carved this one for her. 

Then somehow we ended up with two extra pumpkins (free pumpkin here and there, etc.) and I didn't have the energy to carve.... So, I decided to try something out:

Yup, I melt crayons with a heat gun. I think I like the rainbow one the best. :-)

Sorry, this will be a long blog post, you can skip it if you want or read it later:

The other thing happened this month. I really hope it never happens to your family!!! If it did, then I sympathize deeply and understand how annoying it is.

What happened? 


It happened on September 30, at precisely 8:36 AM. My oldest daughter's hair was messy from sleeping so I decided to go brush her hair. I saw something on her scalp. I thought a fruit fly just landed there. I brushed it away with my hand. I looked closer. I see three of them. "How odd," I thought... Then it hit me like a mack truck - "HEAD LICE!!!!" I have never seen those before. OHMYGOSH! I just cannot believe it. HOW?!? WHERE did she get it from?  Of course, few expletive words went through my mind. I called her school to let them know she got head lice. So her class sent out letters to the kids' parents. 

My daughter and I went to Rite Aid to look for Lice killing shampoo kit. And also bought a metal comb because I read that it's much better than the free plastic ones the lice shampoo has in their boxes. Rushed home, and immediately doused her head with lice killing shampoo. 

Took all the sheets, pillows and blankets and threw them in the washing machine, ALL of our beds because we like to cuddle together every night in each bed. Our washing machine and dryer worked overtime.

Threw her bike helmet in the freezer, teddy bears, anything she had contact with in the last few days. It's funny, when we opened our chest freezer, there's a teddy bear eyes looking at you. Poor thing. There's more stuff than food in the freezer. Wiped down our car seats, vacuumed all the couches and chairs. 

I spent all day using the metal comb, combing every little hair on her precious little head. It took me nearly 3 hours. My hands were achy. She was annoyed because she had to sit for 3 hours. 

Next morning, I tried to take her to school (she missed one day already) and she wasn't allowed back in her class room until the nurse checks her hair. That's when I learned about the "No Nit Policy." Great. So, the nurse checked, and said she has to stay home. Still had some nits. Crap. So, back home, I combed through her hair for another 3 hours. 

Wednesday came... She still had maybe 5 or 6 nits, so she had to go back home. (Sighs!) I meticulously digged in her hair until I know 100% sure she had no nits. She finally got to go back to school on Thursday. She missed 3 days of school. 

My youngest remained clean..... Until last Wednesday. I took her to her swimming lessons, had her take a shower afterwards and I started combing her hair, and saw those little buggers. AUGHHHH. I was going to scream my head off right there, but I had to remain calm. Rushed back home, doused her head with lice killing shampoo. Sigh... stripped every bed again, washed them in hottest water possible, threw more stuffed animals in the freezer, especially Halloween costume since she was wearing that the day before. Our freezer was full!

The next day, I felt like I'm an expert on making sure there's no nits. Ha.... She was clean when she went to school on Thursday morning. I felt like it was a big accomplishment. A proud mommy.

Well, guess what? The following Saturday night... MY head started to itch. OH GREAT... I really hope it's all in my mind. I just have dry scalp. Yup, that's it. Dry, it's dry scalp. I tried to force myself believing it's just dry scalp that's making my hair itch. On Sunday morning, I asked my husband to check my hair, just in case... He looked for maybe 15 seconds and didn't see anything. Of course, I did not believe him. But I desperately wanted to. I decided to run the metal comb across my head, just to see. 

I caught five lice in my comb. I was ready to cry. I got lice. My hair was very long. It will take forever for me to clean my own hair with the comb. My husband does not have the patience to sit for three hours combing through my hair. I just had to find a way to do it myself. So, I went straight to a hair salon, and begged them to take me in immediately. I now am sporting a cute bob haircut. The metal comb goes through very nicely. I managed to get few more lice out, and been combing my hair two to five times a day, just to be sure I did get them all. I washed our sheets all over again. Yes. I hate it. I have a feeling we'll have to buy new sheets soon from all that damned washing. 

We did not have guests (other than immediate family) because we don't want anyone else to get lice. The kids gotten pretty lonely but we're still checking. I will allow anyone over when we have been lice free for one solid week.

Today is Wednesday, and we haven't seen a lice or nit since Sunday morning. So, crossing our fingers. It has been a month since we first discovered it. 

Few things I learned about lice:
Lice likes clean hair. 
8 out of 10 mommies get head lice from their kids.
The metal comb can't get the nits (eggs), so you'll have to really look and pull them from the hair strand with your fingernails or tweezers.
Only way to get rid of lice is to break their life cycle. 
Best way to "kill any lice" thats in your house is to leave the house for full 48 hours (easier said than done).
Freezer is good for the non-washables for killing lice and their nits. 
Or hot heat setting on your dryer for at least 20 minutes.
Lice can hold its breath under water. Shampooing doesn't kill them. 


Furry Bottoms said...

I want to see your new haircut.

scrapn said...

My daughter got them in 2nd grade. If you ever have problems again & I hope to God you don't; go to the Lice Ladies site. The commercial stuff didn't kill them for us. Their solution which is Olive Oil did & it's non toxic. I hope that nightmare is over for you!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness - what a not-fun adventure! I am so sorry you had to go through all that... but I am glad you got a very cute haircut out of it!

Anonymous said...

My condolences on your recent saga! As a former school nurse who made housecalls, I can sympathize with what you went through. Your diligence is such an example and I do hope you've seen the last of it! What a good mommy! I salute you!

KittyJo said...

I know I'm a year and a half late commenting, but when I started reading your post, I have flashbacks!! LOL I went through that with my daughter when she was in the 2nd grade... repeatedly. Her hair was long and thick, and I'd nit-pick it for hours, and shampoo it with everything I could get my hands on that anybody said would kill them... except the kerosene idea. Finally, I think it was the prayer, tears and melaleuca oil that ended the nightmare. Only to have her go back to school and a couple of weeks later come home reinfested. I finally pulled her out and she has been homeschooled ever since. Best decision I ever made!