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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Can you identify this snowman?

I love to browse through thrift stores. It's either a hit or a miss every time I go there. I am very thrifty and even if a small thing costs $3.99, I still would put it back. Anyway, yesterday, I looked and saw this adorable snowman. First of all, I love anything vintage, retro, or whimsical.

This snowman, needed a home. I loved his warm eyes and smile. I loved the glitter all over. He's just too adorable, and he was only 99 cents! I tried to google up where he came from, so I can look at this artist or brand. I could not even find one remotely close. Can you help? Do you identify him, the maker or the brand name?  On the bottom, there's no information, it looked like someone ripped off the "felt" bottom, so it's plaster or paper mache.


Furry Bottoms said...

not Suess is it?

Anonymous said...

I had this EXACT snowman and I dropped it and it broke! I've been looking for the company that makes them also. I DO know that you got a great deal though. They were not inexpensive. :)